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Federal White Collar Crimes

If you are convicted of a federal white collar crime you may face harsh penalties, including hefty fines and imprisonment. With over twenty-seven years of experience handling state and federal criminal cases effectively, George Murphy helps individuals facing these charges.

Other Federal Crimes

The reprecussions for a federal crime conviction can be devastating. Criminal charges can be filed for a variety of reasons – from possession of controlled substances to child pornography. Because of the sensitive and complex nature of these cases, it’s important to secure legal representation quickly.

Houston Federal Criminal Defense Attorney George D. Murphy, Jr.

More than anything, George Murphy is a trial lawyer. He has tried over 150 jury trials, including cases from misdemeanors to capital murder, from drug cases to the most complex business litigation. Since 1992, he has taught trial skills in a course titled Criminal Trial Advocacy at the University of Houston Law School and the University of Texas Law School. For more than two decades, he has trained countless young lawyers in the art of courtroom advocacy.

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