Houston Federal Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney

Houston attorney George Murphy has over twenty-seven years of experience in defending against serious federal and state charges, such as mortgage fraud charges, while protecting his clients’ interests.

Defending against allegations of mortgage fraud requires a lawyer experienced at handling these cases. Houston area criminal defense attorney George Murphy is Board Certified in Criminal Law and has successfully defended those accused of federal mortgage fraud charges throughout his career. He understands the complexities of fraud law and how prosecutors use these laws.

Defending Against Mortgage Fraud Charges

As the number of home foreclosures increase, so do accusations of mortgage fraud. Inexperienced real estate investors have been sucked into the web of mortgage litigation, in some cases without just cause. Federal Sentencing Guidelines look to the amount of loss or intended loss associated with the fraud scheme in determining the punishment range, meaning your potential exposure can reach into the hundreds of thousands and even the millions of dollars.

Foreclosure fraud, mortgage lending fraud, fraudulent loan applications, construction loan fraud and other mortgage related charges have all become increasingly common accusations by prosecutors. To defend yourself against the serious repercussions of these accusations, turn to an attorney with the strength and experience necessary to stand up for you.

Experienced Fraud Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of mortgage fraud or a related crime, George Murphy will use his knowledge as a former Assistant District Attorney, to defend you while protecting your reputation. He will bring the strength of his knowledge of the legal system, and years of experience as a Houston attorney, to your case when you need to defend yourself against mortgage fraud charges.

When you need someone to defend you against mortgage fraud, or other federal criminal charges, contact Houston criminal defense attorney George Murphy by email or call at 713.658.1960.

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