Houston Grand Jury Subpoenas Attorney

Grand jury subpoenas should not be taken lightly. If you’ve received one, Houston attorney George Murphy will work with you to protect your interests and your rights.

Grand Jury Subpoenas

A grand jury subpoena is an order to appear before a federal grand jury to testify, produce documents, or both. A federal grand jury has the power to bring formal federal charges. You should know that the federal grand jury process is a one-sided affair; only the prosecutor has the right to present information to the grand jury and, should you appear before the grand jury, you will not be allowed to have your lawyer present.

As a general rule, you should avoid testifying before a grand jury if possible. Even the innocent should engage in negotiations with the prosecutor in an effort to avoid the necessity of appearing before a grand jury. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can help you comply with a federal grand jury subpoena, hopefully without the necessity of having to testify.

You should remain constantly aware of your right against self-incrimination, and your best protection throughout this process is to retain an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

Houston Grand Jury Defense Attorney

If you have received a grand jury subpoena, Houston attorney George Murphy will fight hard on your behalf. As a former Assistant District Attorney, he understands how you can protect your interests.

Contact federal criminal defense attorney George Murphy today by email or phone at 713.658.1960.

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