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2019 September

The Anti-kickback Statute and Willfulness

The federal health care anti-kickback statute states that a person must act willfully in order to violate the statute

2019 August

Defense to Federal Anti-kickback Statute

A federal law called the anti-kickback statute prohibits the payment or receipt of monies for the referral of business that is paid for by a federal health care benefit program

2019 July

Miranda Rights And Search Warrant Wrongs

The search warrants are frequently obtained in cases involving child pornography, fraud and computer crimes.

2019 June

Feds Focus on Pharmacies

Federal law enforcement is investigating compound pharmacists. As a result, federal prosecutors are more frequently charging pharmacists with violating several laws

2019 April

Major Medicare Fraud Prosecutions in Houston

Several Houston-area doctors have recently been indicted for conspiring to commit Medicare fraud

2019 January

Citgo Refinery Case Drags On

A recent appeal stemming from a refinery fire demonstrates just how vulnerable individual defendants can be in an environmental crimes case

2018 November

Understanding Grand Jury Target Letters

If you receive a federal grand jury target letter, it is important to understand its implications

2018 October

Understanding Trademark Infringement

Most people are familiar with the idea of knock-offs – those products which look like the original but are not in fact authentic

2018 August

Distribution of Child Pornography via Peer-to-Peer Networks

International, Federal and State law enforcement agencies have combined efforts to combat the production, distribution and possession of child pornography

2018 August

A Trip to Kenya

Last week I finished a most interesting case and one which took me on the least expected and most extraordinary adventure of my life

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