Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Houston Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Defense Attorney

George Murphy has over twenty-seven years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX. He specializes in defending against serious federal and state charges, including healthcare fraud charges.

Defending against allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud requires a lawyer with experience in healthcare fraud. Houston-area attorney George Murphy is Board Certified in Criminal Law and understands the complexities of healthcare fraud law and has successfully defended both individual doctors and companies facing federal Medicare and Medicaid charges.

Defending Against Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Charges

Medicare and Medicaid fraud occurs when providers overbill for services, supplies and medications covered by Medicare and Medicaid. For federal prosecution to be successful, it must be proven that the defendant intended to defraud. It is George Murphy’s strategy to focus on disproving that intent.

As a Houston criminal defense attorney, George Murphy represents businesses and individuals under investigation for, or being charged with, healthcare fraud in the state of Texas. He provides trustworthy representation to doctors, health insurance providers, hospitals, medical supply companies, nurses and any other medical field professionals in need of criminal defense.

The overwhelming technical requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs often causes confusion among doctors and their staff. George Murphy understands that allegations of medical fraud can impact your professional career, and harm the reputation of a medical facility, forever.

Experienced Fraud Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, e-mail George Murphy for a free case evaluation, or call his office at 713.658.1960.

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