Securities Fraud

Houston Federal Securities Fraud Defense Attorney

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the law, Houston attorney George Murphy specializes in defending against serious federal and state charges, such as securities fraud charges, while protecting your reputation.

Securities regulations and laws are written to protect investors. If you or your company may be the subject of an investigation by the SEC, having an experienced federal securities fraud attorney working with you is essential. An experienced securities fraud attorney brought in at the investigative stage may be able to prevent formal charges from ever being filed. Houston-area attorney George Murphy handles securities fraud charges and can guide you through an SEC investigation.

Defending Against Securities Fraud Charges

Investors, stockbrokers, accountants or any other financial advisors, and even corporations and shareholders can be charged with securities fraud. Severe federal penalties come with securities fraud convictions, including the loss of benefits, forfeiture of stock, and criminal convictions that can permanently damage your reputation. If you are the subject of an SEC investigation, or if an investigation is pending, Houston criminal defense attorney George Murphy can help. Contact him today and he will provide you with a confidential consultation to plan to defend your company and your reputation.

Federal Securities Fraud Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of securities fraud, or another financial crime, or if your company is facing investigation from the SEC, George Murphy will fight on your behalf. As a former Assistant District Attorney, he understands how prosecutors use securities fraud charges and will use his knowledge of the legal system and years of experience in the courtroom to defend his clients.

When you need someone by your side to defend you against securities fraud charges or another federal criminal charge, contact Bellaire criminal defense attorney George Murphy by email or call at 713.658.1960.

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