Money Laundering

Houston Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Houston-area criminal defense lawyer George Murphy has over twenty-seven years of experience defending against serious federal and state charges, including federal money laundering charges. 

Defending Against Money Laundering Charges

Money laundering covers a broad range of criminal activity, occuring when a person receives money from certain illegal activities, like fraud or drug dealing, and then either makes a financial transaction with the money or uses the money to further promote the underlying criminal activity. Money laundering charges are increasing in frequency, and, as a result more government resources are being used to fund these prosecutions.

Money laundering charges are most commonly made in conjunction with other federal criminal charges such as drug trafficking, wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud or mortgage fraud. These charges carry heavy penalties, and an individual can be sentenced to federal prison time of up to twenty years and face significant, punitive fines.

Qualified Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Because the penalties for these charges can be so high, it’s important to ensure that you hire an experienced, qualified lawyer. Houston based criminal defense attorney George Murphy has over twenty-seven years of experience with financial crimes and will provide a free case evaluation. He understands money laundering accusations and will fight hard to defend you.

If you need someone to defend you against money laundering charges, or another federal criminal charge, contact Houston attorney George Murphy by email or call at 713.658.1960.

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