Houston Grand Jury Target Letters Defense Attorney

Grand jury target letters should not be taken lightly. If you’ve received one, Houston attorney George Murphy will work with you to protect your interests and your rights.

Grand Jury Target Letters

A federal grand jury target letter is a document informing its recipient that he or she is the target of an ongoing federal investigation. If you have received a federal grand jury target letter, the federal government has evidence against you of criminal involvement for which you may or may not be charged. This target letter will invite you to make contact with the federal government either on your own or through retained counsel.

While a target letter does not always lead to prosecution, it is important to retain counsel immediately. Do not try to negotiate a federal investigation without the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer. A skilled criminal attorney can work with the government to help you potentially avoid charges altogether.

Houston Grand Jury Defense Attorney

If you have received a grand jury arget letter, Houston attorney George Murphy will fight hard on your behalf. As a former Assistant District Attorney, he understands how you can protect your interests.

If you’ve received a grand jury target letter, contact federal criminal defense attorney George Murphy today by email or phone at 713.658.1960.

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