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Houston Federal Criminal Defense Attorney George D. Murphy, Jr.

As a criminal defense lawyer, George Murphy offers a wide range of experiences that make him uniquely qualified to succeed in criminal court.

More than anything, George Murphy is a trial lawyer. He has tried over 150 jury trials, including cases from misdemeanors to capital murder, from drug cases to the most complex business litigation. Since 1992, he has taught trial skills in a course titled Criminal Trial Advocacy at the University of Houston Law School and the University of Texas Law School. For more than two decades, he has trained countless young lawyers in the art of courtroom advocacy.

Experienced Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

George Murphy has spent the last 30 years focusing exclusively on criminal cases. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, Texas. There, he handled thousands of misdemeanors and felonies and developed key relationships in the state courthouse. He then went to work as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas. The Federal Public Defender’s office in Houston is widely considered the best federal criminal defense office in the Houston area, if not the state.

At the Public Defender’s Office, George Murphy represented hundreds of accused citizens and practiced before every federal judge in Houston and Galveston. He gained unequaled experience in the extraordinarily complicated field of federal criminal defense.

In 1997, the State Bar of Texas designated him as Board Certified in the area of criminal law and Martindale-Hubbell honored George with its highest rating of AV.

George Murphy’s ample courtroom experience and thorough understanding of the law will allow him to fight on your behalf, protecting your rights and your interests.

If you need the services a highly qualified Houston criminal defense attorney, contact George Murphy by call at 713.658.1960. You can also follow him at Facebook.

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