Houston Federal Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

With over twenty years of experience, George Murphy specializes in defending against serious federal and state charges, such as wire fraud charges.

Defending against allegations of federal wire fraud requires a lawyer experienced at handling these cases. Bellaire criminal defense attorney George Murphy is Board Certified in Criminal Law, and has successfully defended those accused of federal wire fraud charges throughout his career. Years of experience as a Houston-area attorney allow George Murphy to understand the intricacies of federal wire fraud law and how prosecutors use these laws.

Defending Against Federal Wire Fraud Charges

In federal wire fraud cases, the U.S. Attorney will seek an indictment formally charging you with this crime. This happens when the prosecution believes it has evidence of a fraudulent scheme that uses interstate electronic wire communications in its commission. The definition of wire communications is broad enough to include wire transfers of money to or from a financial institution, radio and television communications, and email or any communications via computer modem.

If convicted of federal wire fraud, you could face a 20-30 year federal prison sentence and fines of up to $1,000,000. Because the charges for wire fraud are so severe, it is crucial to hire a competent federal criminal defense lawyer to help you determine your legal strategy.

Experienced Houston Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of federal wire fraud, contact George Murphy by email or call at 713.658.1960 for a free case evaluation. As a former Assistant District Attorney, George Murphy is able to use his years of experience as a Houston-area criminal defense attorney to defend and protext his clients.

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