Quality Criminal Defense in Houston

"The lawyer client relationship is special.  It is based on trust and anchored in respect.  When a client’s reputation is at stake, they expect certain things from their lawyer."

With twenty-five years of experience, George Murphy helps individuals charged with federal crimes in the state of Texas. His record of success of speaks for itself, and he fights federal charges effectively and discreetly.

Serving a Broad Geographic Area

Operating out of Houston, Texas, George Murphy is one of Houston's most prominent criminal defense attorneys. His practice covers Houston, the greater-Houston area, the Southern District of Texas, the Western District of Texas, the Eastern District of Texas, the Northern District of Texas, Harris County, Beaumont and Galveston.

Defending Against Federal Charges

Licensed in 1990, Murphy has practiced criminal law for 25 years, working throughout his career as an Assistant District Attorney, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Adjunct Professor and Criminal Trial Lawyer.

Additionally, George Murphy is Board Certified in Criminal Law in Texas.

With years of experience fighting federal charges, he has amassed knowledge of the federal court’s procedural requirements and has the experience necessary to fight back against prosecutors' large budgets.

  • Child Pornography
    Attorney George Murphy can help you mount a powerful defense while protecting your reputation when you're facing child pornography charges.
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  • Mail Fraud
    George Murphy has handled multiple cases for those accused of mail fraud and illegally obtaining money or valuable items using the US Postal Service.
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  • Wire Fraud
    Attorney George Murphy will bring his years of experience as a courtroom lawyer to your case when you need to defend yourself against wire fraud charges.
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  • Bank Fraud
    Defending against allegations of forgery, embezzlement, racketeering or other federal bank fraud charges requires an experienced attorney.
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  • Mortgage Fraud
    Houston attorney George Murphy can help you defend against foreclosure fraud, mortgage lending fraud, fraudulent loan applications and construction loan fraud charges.
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  • Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
    George Murphy represents businesses and individuals being investigated for, or charged with, healthcare fraud throughout Texas.
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  • Computer Fraud
    If you’ve been accused of computer fraud or an internet crime, Attorney George Murphy will fight hard on your behalf.
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  • Securities Fraud
    Attorney George Murphy handles securities fraud charges and can guide you through an SEC investigation.
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  • Trademark Infringement
    If you’ve been accused of trademark infringement or have received a cease and desist or warning letter from a trademark holder, contact attorney George Murphy.
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  • Controlled Substances
    Attorney George Murphy has experience handling charges in Texas for possession and distribution of controlled substances.
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  • Money Laundering
    As a former Assistant District Attorney, George Murphy understands how prosecutors use money laundering charges and how to defend his clients against these accusations.
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