Houston Criminal Defense Attorney George D. Murphy, Jr. Case Results

Houston criminal defense attorney George Murphy specializes in defending against serious state and federal charges and has over twenty years of experience protecting his clients’ rights and interests.

The following is a partial list of his recent case results and activities. Contact him today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how he can assist with charges you may be facing.

This information is provided to illustrate a sampling of outcomes, and in no way predicts future results. Every case is unique, and George Murphy provides consistently professional and aggressive representation for his clients. As a successful Houston criminal defense attorney, George Murphy has successfully:

Served as an expert witness in a civil lawsuit on the topic of internal investigations

Negotiated a probated sentence in a federal trademark infringement case

Negotiated a probated sentence in a federal International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) case in which the client sold oil rig parts for rigs in Iranian waters

Dismissed a charge of possession of dangerous drugs

Negotiated satisfactory settlement for a doctor before the Texas State Medical Board

Dismissed an assault case

Conducted a disposition of federal pharmaceutical criminal case in the Southern District of New York

Performed an internal investigation of employee theft from a multi-million dollar company

Negotiated plea deal in state court possession and distribution of child pornography

Dismissed a mortgage fraud case in state court

Dismissed a criminal case alleging that a pharmacist unlawfully delivered a controlled substance

Dismissed a charge of driving while intoxicated

Argued an appeal before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

Settled two multi-defendant civil trademark infringement lawsuits

Dismissed felony possession of marijuana

Settled civil action alleging insurance fraud against a medical doctor

Dismissed felony possession of methamphetamine against a school teacher

Dismissed minor in possession of alcohol

Dismissed a state court criminal trademark infringement case

Received America’s only jury verdict of “not guilty” in a criminal patent infringement case involving the downloading of music from the internet

Took depositions in Kenya in a criminal marriage fraud case

Negotiated probation in a criminal federal case alleging impersonation of a federal officer

When you need someone to defend you against serious federal criminal charges, contact Houston criminal defense attorney George Murphy by email or phone at 713.658.1960.