Other Federal Crimes

The reprecussions for a federal crime conviction can be devastating. Criminal charges can be filed for a variety of reasons – from possession of controlled substances to child pornography. Because of the sensitive and complex nature of these cases, it’s important to secure legal representation quickly.

Child Pornography

The media, the police, prosecutors and your friends and neighbors will all take child pornography charges very seriously. Because of this, it is important to develop strategy to defend yourself.

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Environmental Crimes

Environmental crimes are illegal acts that harm the environment, such as illegal dumping or disposal of hazardous waste. The punishment for environmental crimes can be severe, including hefty fines and prison sentences.

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Controlled Substances

If you have been charged with, or are under investigation for, offenses related to any controlled substance, it is important to find a criminal defense lawyer who understands controlled substances laws and can help you fight drug charges.

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Money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when a person receives money from certain illegal activities, like fraud or drug dealing, and then either makes a financial transaction with the money or uses the money to further promote the underlying criminal activity.

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