Federal White Collar Crimes

If you are convicted of a federal white collar crime you may face harsh penalties, including hefty fines and imprisonment. With over twenty-seven years of experience handling state and federal criminal cases effectively,  helps individuals facing these charges.

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a commonly charged federal offense, which includes any scheme or plan to unlawfully obtain money or valuables in which the postal system is used at any stage or point in the commission of a crime.

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Wire Fraud

In federal wire fraud cases, the U.S. Attorney will seek an indictment formally charging you with this crime. This happens when the prosecution believes it has evidence of a fraudulent scheme that uses interstate electronic wire communications in its commission.

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Bank Fraud

Bank fraud can be charged in connection with many other criminal charges, such as conspiracy, forgery, check fraud, money laundering and embezzlement.

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Mortgage Fraud

Foreclosure fraud, mortgage lending fraud, fraudulent loan applications and construction loan fraud and other mortgage related charges have all become increasingly common accusations brought by prosecutors.

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Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

Houston attorney George Murphy represents businesses and individuals being investigated for, or charged with, healthcare fraud throughout Texas. He will provide trustworthy representation to doctors, health insurance providers, hospitals, medical supply companies, nurses, and any other medical field professionals in need of criminal defense.

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Computer Fraud

Computer fraud encompasses any crime involving the use of a computer. This broad category of crimes can include knowingly accessing a computer without authorization in order to get data, financial information, consumer information, information involving interstate or foreign communications, or medical records, accessing a government computer system without authorization, even fraudulently buying or selling goods online.

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Securities Fraud

If you or your company may be the subject of an investigation by the SEC, having an experienced federal securities fraud attorney working with you is essential. An experienced securities fraud attorney brought in at the investigative stage may be able to prevent formal charges from ever being filed.

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Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement claims are a complex area of the law. It is important to know that it is not illegal to possess, or even sell, counterfeit items. It only becomes illegal when the person selling the merchandise knows that it is counterfeit. Today, most “knock-off” items are indistinguishable from the manufacturer’s real merchandise and, thus, many people selling counterfeit goods do so innocently.

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