The Importance of Building a Lawyer-Client Relationship

My clients have my cell phone number. They text me, and they call me regularly. Our relationship isn’t restricted to business hours; we talk in the evenings and on the weekends, we talk over breakfast, lunch and dinner.  When my clients need me, I make myself available.

This may sound time consuming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The lawyer client relationship is special.  It is based on trust and anchored in respect.  When a client’s reputation is at stake, they expect certain things from their lawyer. When initially seeking out legal counsel, they are often looking for a zealous, experienced, dedicated practitioner of the law, who will represent them well and protect their reputation.

But, I have found, the client needs, and deserves, more than simply someone who will
represent them. The client also deserves a confidant, a gladiator, a listener, a champion of causes, a mender of fences. I strive to be this and more to my clients.

To do this, to give my clients the best of me – what they rightfully expect – they must be able to communicate with me at any time. That is why, when they choose to hire me as their criminal defense lawyer, I make every effort to make myself available to them as needed. I give
my clients my cell phone number, and I encourage them to contact me with any questions they may have. My clients have put their trust in my skills, and I want to not just fulfill, but exceed their expectations.

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